Where to go out in Chania


Where to go out in Chania 1

• The Old Town (stroll in the narrow alleys, smell and taste real Chania).
• Faros (the lighthouse, landmark of Chania).
• The museums (Naval, Archaeological, Cretan Culture, in Chania old town, only the Military is 5 minutes out of old town). The museums close around 15:00, its 5 euro to get in.
• Halidon street and Trimartiry cathedral.
• The hill at Kasteli, particularly Prytania (the headquarters of the University of Crete, with the best view of the old port).
• Splantzia square and St Nicolaos church with the minaret and bell tower.
• Agora (the indoor market in the shape of cross).
• Tabakaria (an area east of Chania, by the sea, close to Halepa, where the old tanneries used to be, spooky like going back in time, full of old buildings and factories).
• Halepa (an area east of Chania, close to Tabakaria, used to be aristocratic, with the houses of Venizelos, the ex-French school and other old mansions).

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Gyros: Many choices.
• Souvlaki Art (one at Kydonias st. and another at Apokoronou st.)
• Ladi kai Rigani (Apokoronou and Plastira st.)
• Tsita (Dalianis st.)
• Many fast food places are open 24/7 around 1866 square.

For more information see this page.


Where to go out in Chania 2

Many choices, impossible to list or say one is better than the other. Warning: fish is expensive and sometimes frozen, and most places serve mainly meat (Greeks aren’t vegetarians). Go to eat out in a village, its best option. For fresh fish, go west of Chania old port, along the sea, at Nea Hora fishing port and beach. There are many restaurants located with sea view.

In Chania don’t eat anywhere in front the port, only at (we recommend the first two options):
• Kouzina epe (Daskalogianni st., near Splantzia square, east of old town).
• For vegetarian organic food, eat at To Stachi, (Defkalionos st., just before you get out the eastern city walls at Koum Kapi, on the left opposite the park).
• At Agora eateries (inside the indoor market).
• Monastiri, (near Gyali Tzami mosque, on old port sea front, is very expensive).
• Tamam (Zabeliou st., in old town).
• Ela (Kondilaki st., in old town).
• The Turks’ well (Near Daskalogianni st., in old town).
• For fish in old town, go to the tavernas at the east of the old port.
• Thalassino Ageri (Sea Breeze, in Tabakaria area, has good fish).

Places to go out in Chania

There are many places to go out in winter or summer. In the islands, summer places open beginning of May, after the Greek easter, when the weather is warm enough (more than 25C), and there are tourists around. Summer places close at end of September, and winter places open beginning of October, depending on the weather and tourists. The period around beginning of May and October is the ‘black hole’ of entertainment, when not many places are open and they have few people. Most cafe-bars are open all year round. Places to go out in winter are located in Chania. Summer places are mainly located in Chania, Platanias and Agia Marina, 10km west of Chania. To avoid confusion, we specify which bars are only open in winter or summer.

Café-bars (winter/summer):

The cafe-bars are usually open 24/7 all year round. Many of these places also offer food. At any cafe in Salpidonos st., in old port, near fishing boats, it’s a student alternative area.
• Dio Lux (Salpidonos st).
• Ipopotamos (Salpidonos st.).
• Paradas cafe (Salpidonos st.).
• Bororo (Salpidonos st.).
• Apothiki (Salpidonos st.).

The pedestrianised Daliani street offers many options.
• Pitses Ble (Daliani st., alternative restaurant cafe).
• Kibar (Daliani st., bar).

Palas, Nama, Ta Halkina, Arsenali (on the waterfront of old port, one next to the other, also serve food, attract more trendy and well-dressed Greek crowd). A little bit further opposite Giali Tzamisi mosque there are 3 more popular cafe bars.

Few cafes in Koum Kapi area (east of old town, in front of the sea, one next to the other).
• Mikro Cafe (Koum Kapi, alternative student hang-out, make the best Greek/Turkish coffee on fire).
• Thema (popular cafe bar at Koum-Kapi).
• See U (high class bar/restaurant, in Koum Kapi).
• O Asotos (Koum Kapi, cafe and meze place).

Late Bars (summer/winter):

Apart from the above options, most bars are located in Chania but in the summer many open in Agia Marina, Platanias and other touristic villages.


• Apon (plays rock-electro, opposite the municipal garden Kipos, in a basement next to Elinis cinema, open winter only).
• Garage (plays rock-electro funk, in old town, near 1866 Square, next to Senso club, open winter only).
• Monastiri tou Karolou (Daliani st., mixed crowd bar).
• Synagogi (next to the old Synagogue, in the old town, open only in summer).
• Barraki, Epi Pleon and 3-4 more bars (Kalergon st., behind Neoria, the old Venitian shipyards, also serve food, open summer only).


• Politehnio (Daliani st., alternative bar, concerts take place here).
• Synagogi (next to the old Synagogue, open summer only).
• Fagotto (Jazz bar, on Aggelou st., in old town, close to Naval museum).
• Byraria tou Roudi (Rudy’s Ale House, on Kalergon st., in old town, behind Neoria, the old Venetian shipyards, attracts mixed crowd, serves food).
• Avalon (metal club bar on the old port waterfront).
• Few small bars for tourists mainly concentrated near the fountain at Sourmeli st. and around the old port, are not really recommended.

Clubs in the summer:

• In Platanias and Agia Marina you will find many bars and seaside clubs.
• Senso in Chania, behind Chalidon St., mainly commercial and house music.
• Mylos (in Platanias, plays mainly house music, younger crowd, best to go late, after 3:00).
• The bars Splendid, Tropicano, Eclipse and many more (on Platanias’ main road before the square, main places where young tourists go out, pop mixed music, open summer only).

Beach bars in summer:

Plenty along the Agia Marina and Platanias areas.
• Ilios ke Ammos (Agia Marina).
• Okeanos (2 minutes from Ilios ke Ammos, Agia Marina).
• Island (5 minutes from Ilios ke Ammos, Agia Marina).

Greek live music in summer:

At many events and restaurants in and out of Chania town.
• Adespoto (plays Rembetiko music, in Karaoli Dimitriou st., at Maheradika area, in old town).
• Ta Halkina (with sea view, in the middle of Chania old port).

There are plenty of feasts celebrating name days, at churches in small villages, with good food and live music. Check the local press or ask locals to find out more.