Niriis hotel is on Herakleous Street, at Agii Apostoli area, 4km west of Chania.
In case you need any assistance or directions, call us at the hotel, at (0030) 28210 33034 (when you hear the answering machine, press ‘0’ to be connected with reception), or at George’s Mobile (0030) 6972427286.

Here are the directions on how to reach Niriis hotel:

Chania airport to Chania by bus:

From the airport to Chania there are busses (local bus schedule, they change every week: every 2 hours to Chania (first at 6:00, last at 24:00, times change depending on season), price 2.50 euro each ticket. The airport is 20km and 30 minute east of Chania. When in Chania, you have to catch another bus from 1866 square, which is one block away from Chania central bus station.

Chania to Agii Apostoli by bus:

Chania central bus station to 1866 square is one block away and one minute on foot. From 1866 square (Platia 1866, in Greek) busses depart and terminate to/from Agii Apostoli (where Niriis hotel is). Take bus number 21 (also 15 stops at Synka supermarket) from 1866 square. First bus for Agii Apostoli departs at 7:00, last one at 23:30 from 1866 square, its 15 minute ride. Buy your bus ticket (1.20 euro) from the kiosks or Niriis reception, before you get on the bus, in the bus its 2 euro.

In bus ask the driver to drop you by Agii Apostoli car park, next to Agii Apostoli Park. You will know you are there when you see the sea. When you get off the bus on the car park, looking at the sea, on your back to the left is a very small, two-direction street, Herakleous Street. Go in, the road turns left, in 15m on the left hand side you will see Niriis hotel.


If you arrive late in Chania, take taxi Prices:

30-35 euro from the airport to Niriis hotel during the day.

8-10 euro from Chania town to Niriis hotel at Agii Apostoli.

Night tariff 24:00-08:00 is 35 euro from airport to Niriis hotel and 10 euro from Chania town to the hotel.

Always ask the average price before you board a taxi! If you wish, we can reserve a taxi for same price if you give us your arrival time and flight number.


Car rental:

To rent a car, we recommend two local companies, which are close to us, please tell us the dates you are interested, to give you the best quote. You have to be above 22 years old, have a credit card. Pick up can be from Chania airport or from our hotel for no extra cost.

If you plan to stay in Chania for more than 3 days and want to see places (especially remote beaches and mountain hikes), my advice is to rent a car, (45 euros per day, cheaper if you rent for longer time). Gasoline is expensive in Europe and Greece, in Crete it costs 1.85 euros per liter. Come to the hotel by car, and then we’ll give you ideas on where to go and what to do.

There are 4 car rental companies near our hotel. If you rent for 2-3 days, companies make a better price. You must be over 21 years of age and have a European or international driving license. It is better to book in advance as it is more expensive last minute. You can take the car from the airport, harbor, or bring it to our hotel at no extra cost. You can also rent bikes with 10 euros a day and motorbikes from 25 euros. The prices are indicative and can change depending on the season.

By car, from Chania:

Go to Kladissos junction, the west borders of Chania town, with 6 traffic lights. From there Niriis is 3km. Keep all straight, turn right on the third traffic light that you come across, when you see on your right hand side SYNKA supermarket, after going down from a hill. From there Niriis is 300m. Then go all straight. You will see a small football pitch on the right, and a small park on the left. You can see the sea. From there Niriis is 100m. Turn left and drive along the park. You will arrive in a big car park, the sea is in front of you. On the big car park there is a restaurant, Xenios Dias. From there Niriis is 30m. On the left of the restaurant is a very small, two-direction street, Herakleous Street. Go in, the road turns left, in 30m on the left hand side you will see Niriis

From the port of Souda:

When you exit the boat, opposite the ship, on the left side (10m away) waits for the urban blue bus that goes to Chania. For bus timetables, hours change every week, go to: https://www.e-  . You can buy a ticket to the nearby ticket office, which costs 2.50 euros. Do not hurry to get out of the ship, the exit has a lot of people and you will lose more time waiting to go out. The bus ends in the center of Chania, near the Agora.

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Ship links:

There is a daily connection between Crete and Chania by boat and airplane. Ships depart from Piraeus usually around 22:00. The journey takes 9-6 hours, depending on the company and ship.

Anek Lines has ships with large capacity for cars and passengers. The trip lasts 9 hours (usually 21:00pm-5:30am).

Similar links are made from the other city of Crete, Heraklion. From Heraklion the ships depart for Cyclades (Santorini), Dodecanese (Rhodes) and Piraeus (Athens). Ship companies: Hellenic Seaways or Blue Star Ferries and Minoan Lines

If you are traveling during the high season (July-August), on weekends or in big festivals, we recommend that you close your tickets in advance.

Flights to Chania and Crete:

Aegean has daily flights from Athens’ Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, and some from Thessaloniki. The flight from Athens lasts 30 minutes. In addition, there are many charter flights from the rest of Europe, especially in the summer. Heraklion also has many flights to and from Greece and Europe.

Distance and time of hotel from various destinations


Time(in mins)

Distance (in meters)


1 min (on foot) 30 m.


30 sec (on foot) 10 m.


30 sec (on foot) 10 m.

swimming pools

30 sec (on foot) next door

shops and mini-markets

30 sec (on foot) 5 m.


1 min (on foot) 10 m.


1 min (on foot) 10 m.

bus stop

1 min (on foot) 30 m.

taxi rank

1 min (on foot) 30 m.

super markets

1 min (by car) 200 m.


10 min (by car) 4 km.


20 min (by bus) 19 km.

port (Souda)

15 min (by car) 9 km.


10 min (by car) 4 km.


15 min (by car) 8 km.

Agia Marina

6 min (by car) 4 km.


30 min(by car) 65 km.


120 min (by car) 150 km.